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or the variable spreads of an ECN is up to you You may find your strategy or style of trading dictates which you use. An alternative way that firms grant their clients access to the FX market is via Electronic Communications Networks, or ECNs. Flows of FX business seen by the large banks is considered proprietary information and there is no requirement for this information to be disclosed. A Forex market maker essentially does three things: sets bid and offer prices in a certain currency pair commits to accepting deals at these prices within certain constraints takes the resulting exposure on to their own book, at least initially. MT4SE offers a host of useful features, including the professional-style Trade Terminal that allows multi-currency trade management. This, in theory, gives them an advantage over other traders. Now, the large banks see huge flows of foreign currency transactions from their operations around the world. This would essentially be the best bid/offer that they have access to via the market making counterparties that they hedge with. That has all changed, of course. One way to access real live market prices is with Admiral Markets demo trading account.

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The name is largely self-explanatory. The third point establishes that a market maker is a counterparty to a Forex trade. An ECN aggregates bids and offers from banks, institutions and other traders into an order book. This might seem an odd point to make, but you can use this aspect to inform your market maker trading strategies. When discussing market makers, the bottom line is that they are the pillar that the FX market is built upon. Market structure, at the top of the tree sits the interbank Forex market. They can do this by either: making a trade with another bank or by pricing accordingly in order to attract trades in a certain direction. Nearly all technical indicators rely on a belief that price action is guided by human behaviour, as opposed to being a random walk.

Such flows may influence the short-term trend of FX prices. The way FX firms operate varies, but pricing tends to ultimately derive from the same familiar players. Ein Contract For Difference (CFD) ist ein Vertrag zwischen einem Käufer und einem Verkäufer.