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a simple, intelligent and very profitable way. Rating: Submitted by: Sandy Dandy ( 01:10) Been dealing with them for almost a year. No slippage, no re"s etc. And their VT trader 2 platform is better than any other platform I have ever used.

Was it the broker's fault? This goes for any broker, to lesson the chance of slippage make sure you have a great internet connection with great latency.

Blame yourself, not the broker. 5296, start trading, dont miss the chance, open an account. If you have a crappy connection or you have programs running on your computer that is degrading your connection then you should expect slippage and re"s regardless of who you are with. For information about your account or any account related questions, please contact Gain Capital Group LLC. You are getting the best free charting software available anywhere, and although CMS may have had teething problems in the beginning with servers going down etc., they really seem to have improved their client service tremendously. Open an account, last 30-day figures, trading volume 8,267,282,738.

VT Trader, MetaTrader 4 (MT4).
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