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profit generator. This shows a small sequence of the test run of the strategy on the EUR/USD one minute chart (M1). Because the Bollinger is a lagging (delayed) indicator, a real time input is also necessary to improve the odds of each scalp run resulting in a profit. This happens in the next bars leaving profits.64 and.72. We tend to hold on to our losses for days even and let our drawdown go to really unhealthy levels, but the moment that losing trade gets to breakeven, we let it go and go phew, that was a close one. We categorize this as an advanced forex scalping strategy because it requires chart reading along with monitoring the TFA Sniper and advanced fibonacci waves.

In fact, you'll find that your greatest profits during the trading day come when scalps align with support and resistance levels on the 15-minute, 60-minute or daily chart. All our EAs can even trade multiple pairs at the same time separated by magic number. This scalp trading strategy is easy to master. Figure 1 shows a typical scalp sequence. Because of this, we have put together a well-written straight-to-the-point article on the most important points on forex trading psychology. Its because of this fear of loss mentality that has been built into us that has caused many of us to fail even with the most successful of trading strategies given. The typical risk : reward is 1 : 5 so bagging one good trade can last you for a long while. You can read about it here : JT Scalping Strategy The sixth strategy we have developed is made famous by our very own 2nd Lieutenant Pontus who have doubled his live account in 1 month with verifiable trade statements! Scalping is often associated with trading with high leverage since you need to try to make profits with smaller price movements however, this is not the case as youll discover in your training here that in fact, a lower leverage is better for scalping and. You should read about it here before proceeding to the list of strategies below : FF Scalping Setup, the first strategy is the EZ Scalping strategy, this is our bread and butter trade and usually has one of the highest probability of success. Youre at a juncture of your forex trading career (yes, we treat forex trading as serious as being a career) that requires you to choose between the many different strategies and systems offered by every single self-proclaimed trading guru out there. Some users have used this strategy to tremendous success, although it is usually done when there are additional confirmation signals like the.

Scalping Strategy System.
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The strategy will open trades between set time intervals until it reaches the maximum volume.
As mentioned above, I use no more than one lot per 10k so the exposure is fairly low.