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George Soros and then Northbridge Capital Management. In regards to how little is known about them, in an article for The New York Times, Joe Lewis said: I really feel that if one is successful, one of the rewards of your success is the quiet enjoyment. The days that followed gestured towards a massive collapse of the worlds stock markets and most markets fell by 20 by the end of October. 2 Stanley Druckenmiller He obtained earnings for 1 billion dollars by betting on the German Mark He was born in June 14th, 1953 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. 9 Urs Schwarzenbach He obtained hundreds of millions of Swiss Francs (CHF) in earnings He was born in September 17th, 1948 in Thalwil, Switzerland, and was raised in Küsnacht, Switzerland. Dow Jones ended up falling.

The 3,000 that he borrowed using his MasterCard paid off as the contract value increased to 40,000. The estimated profit to Bankers Trust was 300 millionof which Krieger got a 3 million bonus. By Ivo Luhse, founder of Evestin Forex - follow me on social media: No matter how forex Praxis Konto login experienced you are in the world of Forex, you are in it to make the most out of your investments, and what better way to do this than. Most forex traders keep a low profile and avoid being in the spotlight. He has been questioned about the way he operates, to which he replies: Bank traders make their entries for an amount of 50 million dollars, only to liquidate the position soon later for infinitesimal benefits. In 1973 he founded the, quantum Fund, currently managed by his children, which becomes his primary trading venue. And he did not hesitate to use his advantage to land a big speculative strike on the Kiwi in 1987. The operation resulted in 300 million dollars in earnings for the Bankers Trust.